Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Naples woman killed in 'mafia ambush'

A woman is fatally shot in an area near central Naples known for gangland violence.

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South Africa's 'Father of Jazz'

The legendary musician, who has died age 78, will be remembered as much for his activism as his songs.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2DZPzGe

Bill Cosby returns to stage ahead of sexual assault retrial

A surprise comedy show is the US comedian's first since dozens of women accused him of sexual assault.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2E2suCT

NZ Maori win first indigenous football internationals

New Zealand's Maori came face-to-face with indigenous Australians on a football pitch for the first time.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2F6VoRs

Hawaii governor admits log-in blunder

Hawaii's governor says a failure to remember his Twitter details delayed a corrective message.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2n33ELT

Germany pupil 'killed by classmate' at school near Dortmund

Reports say a 15-year-old student stabbed a 14-year-old boy at a secondary school near Dortmund.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2G7bc8t

Lebanon rubbish: Storm dumps piles of waste along coast

A huge clean-up operation is under way after a storm left beaches near Beirut strewn with rubbish.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2Drj7eN

The Philippines' most active volcano Mount Mayon erupts

More than 40,000 local residents have been forced to evacuate the area.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2DuGkg7

UN flag no longer offers 'natural protection' to peacekeepers

The organisation's flag and blue helmets no longer offer "natural protection", a new report says.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2n4etMO

Alaska quake prompts tsunami alert

A tsunami alert is issued after an 8.0-strength earthquake off the southern Alaska coast.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2F2Csn9

Zimbabwe family leave Bangkok airport after three months

Four Zimbabwean adults and four children refused to return home but could not re-enter Thailand.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2n4PUPR

Camera captures deadly avalanche's ash cloud in Japan

A soldier has been killed in the avalanche that appears to have been triggered by a volcanic eruption.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2DvB3Vy

US shutdown: Trump hails 'big win' and says Democrats caved in

The president hails a "big win" for Republicans after the end of a three-day government shutdown.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2mZEwWr

Hugh Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter, dies

The musician "passed peacefully" after a "courageous battle with prostate cancer", his family confirms.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2rx7j9q

Monday, 22 January 2018

US imposes tariffs on washing machines and solar panels

Extra duties on imported solar panels and washing machines are designed to protect local manufacturers.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2G6Idl6

Syria offensive: Turkey warns US over Kurdish militia group

Turkey says the US must end support for the YPG militia, which it is fighting in northern Syria.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2DBunZu

Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg shares #MeToo story

At the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, a US Supreme Court judge shares her #MeToo experience.

from BBC News - World http://ift.tt/2n51qdY

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